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Polished Concrete

Concrete is known for its durability and cost-saving features. With modern technologies, homeowners and business owners are finding they can harness these advantages of concrete. Polished concrete is a popular alternative to other flooring materials because of three noteworthy benefits: lower total cost, lower maintenance, and aesthetics.

Its superior durability and performance have made it a top finish for retail stores, warehouses, office facilities, and municipalities. Homeowners, as well, are selecting these smooth, high-luster floors that imitate the look of polished stone.

Benefits of Polished Concrete

Polished concrete floors are very economical. A polished concrete floor lasts up to ten years or longer before it needs to be refinished. The maintenance is also minimal which reduces the cost. They are striking in appearance while the exposure of the aggregate in the concrete unveils a look of stone.

There are a variety of colors available on the market to stain. There are also various levels of sheen depending on the degree of reflectivity and shine that is desired. For Custom Concrete services in Traverse City, Torch Lake and Glen Arbor; click the links below.

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