Stamped and Stained Overlays

Stamped and stained overlays offer the same benefits that stamped concrete does with less time and less labor-intensive installation. Usually, a gauge rake is used to apply the overlay and is then imprinted with stamping mats or texturing skins, which come in all sorts of patterns. This is applied with about ¼-½ inch of thickness over existing concrete or wood. The look is very authentic, and is a fraction of the labor, cost, and time as stamped concrete.

Splatter or Knockdown

This is the standard for pool decks. Pete’s Custom Concrete applies polymer concrete to existing concrete in a textured finish, which could be made in various patterns. The texture can then be knocked down with a trowel to modify the appearance. These are traditionally used for resurfacing designs and textures. Splatter textures are normally applied with an air powered hopper gun. These textures are typically used on decks, driveways, and patios. They give the area they’re applied to beauty, slip resistance, and durability.

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